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we are in a unique position to provide clients with constructive ideas and insights. Business advisory Service are offered in the hope they will lead to a creative exchange of ideas, on which will request in meaningful actions to exchange the company’s growth and profitability or to benefit and strengthen the organisation.
The rising of the multinational corporations in India has created the demand for a specialised package of services to tackle issues like:
  1. Understanding government policies which relates to foreign investment in India
  2. Making representations to the concerned government authorities that issues permissions to allow such investments
  3. Tax and financial structuring to maximize business growth
  4. Other related legalities and procedures

We offer expertise and insights to tackle these issues efficiently and expeditiously in order to offer maximum competitive advantage to our client.

  1. Business Negotiations / JV Agreements / Foreign Collaboration
  2. Business Restructuring
  3. Risk Assurance
  4. Business Valuation
  5. Due Diligence
  6. Joint Ventures/Partner search and evaluation
  7. Entry Strategy and Geographical Analysis
  8. Financial Modeling
Business Negotiation / JV Agreements / Foreign Collaboration
We assist our client in various across-the-board negotiations with the proposed business partner to arrive at a mutual beneficial agreement as also finalization of the Joint Venture / Foreign Collaboration / Other Arrangements.

Business Re-structuring
Besides Managing the business negotiation, we oversee all the re-structuring arrangements, mergers, demergers, amalgamations.

Risk Assurance
We undertake studies to identify the possible risks (operational, financial, regulatory etc.) associated with specific business ventures / particular transactions or investigate areas of specific concern as identified by the management.

Business Valuation
We play a key role in valuing sell-outs, by-outs existing business by employing appropriate valuation basis methodologies on an assessment of legal, operational and financial aspects.

Due Diligence Review
We conduct in depth transaction scrutiny on credentials of Indian /Foreign Companies / groups prior to entering in to business partnership.

Joint Ventures / Partner Search and Evaluation
This includes identifying potential partners evaluating their strengths, weaknesses and synergetic capabilities besides recommending appropriate partnership.

Entry Strategy/Geographical Analysis
We suggest, plan and implement entry strategy in India for your business by doing an analysis of all the forces i.e. market competition, regulation, relevant industry and evaluate alternatives.
We offer various locations studies by evaluating the relative advantage of different states, cities and districts based on well defined multi perspective geographic, economic and other factor which relates.

Financial Modeling
We enable creation of dynamic financial models for your business, incorporating all possible factors that would impact the return and risk associated with the venture.

  Audit & Assurance Services
  - Assurance
- Statutory Audits
- Tax Audits
- Special Purpose Audits
- MIS and Reporting
- Regulatory Approvals
    - Domestic
- International
  Business Advisory Service
    - Business Negotiationg
- Business Re-structuring
- Risk Assurance
- Business Valuation
- Due Diligence Review
- Joint Ventures / Partner Search
  and Evaluation

- Entry Strategy/Geographical

- Financial Modeling
  Fund Syndication
    - Project Finance
- Financial Re-Structuring
  Corporate Law Matters
  Foreign Investments
  Services to NGOs
    - TDS/With Holding Tax
- Accounting
- Payroll Management
- Roc Matters
- Representation